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Motoring Offences

Road Traffic and Motoring Offences

We provide free traffic law advice with our team of highly experienced UK road traffic legislation lawyers.

Find out all your legal defence options & defend your driving licence.

Most Common UK Driving Offences: –

S172 – failing to provide driver information/identity. Otherwise known as failure to nominate or ‘driver identity’ offences
Driving without reasonable consideration for other road users or without due care and attention offences – Section 3 Road Traffic Act 1988

Using a motor vehicle without there being in force a relevant policy of insurance or permitting someone else to drive without insurance

Failing to stop after an accident or failing to report an accident to the Police

within 24 hours of it happening

Driving NOT in accordance with a licence, otherwise known as driving without a licence.

Dangerous driving offences- one of the most serious road traffic law allegations

Being in charge of a motor vehicle whilst the proportion of alcohol in your breath exceeds the legal limit and all other drinking & driving related offences.