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Money Laundering

Our serious crime department is highly respected and is renowned for its high acquittals, fearless defence and overall success rates.

The Q&A LEGAL team is continually instructed to act for clients who are subjected to police station attendance, court appearances and criminal proceedings for Money Laundering offences.

It is vital that clients instruct specialist lawyers, who have the ability to react quickly to each case and begin to prepare a robust defence for the client. We have been requested to represent clients on serious charges of Money Laundering involving companies and banks across the world. We frequently advise the instruction of specialist forensic accountants to assist in the preparation and presentation of the defence in Money Laundering cases.

At Q&A LEGAL we are well positioned to channel our expertise to deal with alleged Money Laundering and to decipher the pressing issues of your case then react concisely and properly to the allegations. This is an area where pro-active defence investigations can bring real value by establishing the legitimate source of funds or casting doubt on the client’s state of knowledge about the criminal background.

Money Laundering

Q&A Legal has vast experience of defending money laundering cases or cases of Possession of Criminal Property. The firm’s reputation for committed and rigorous defence work means that we attract some of the most noted or media attracting and serious criminal cases in the country.

Money laundering is an act which constitutes an offence under the sections or a conspiracy or an attempt to commit such an offence.

The maximum sentence for a money laundering offence is 14 years imprisonment.