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Crash For Cash

Crash for cash – or cash for crash – is a form of motor insurance fraud which may also involve making a personal injury claim for hard-to-diagnose conditions such as whiplash injury, back pain or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Disproving allegations of crash for cash can involve technical expertise according to the circumstances of the crash.

Those facing allegations of crash for cash may have a history of road traffic accidents and related injuries – or may simply be motorists caught up in a scam whose car was also involved in the faked road accident.

Motor insurance companies now thoroughly investigate any suspicions that crash for cash has taken place – and a case may go to trial if sufficient evidence is obtained that a road crash was deliberately engineered for the purpose of making an insurance claim.

Q&A Legal can offer expert legal advice even before a formal investigation into crash for cash is launched – or if an individual or group of people fear they may face allegations or charges relating to crash for cash.

Q&A Legal regularly defend those facing investigation for serious fraud – including crash for cash