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on Bail or Under Investigation or asked to come in on a voluntary basis for an interview CALL NOW for a free consultation.

No obligation and you will receive free impartial expert advice.

It is your life and liberty at stake – well worth a second opinion. You will benefit and will not be disappointed. A case can be made or broken at the police station. It is vital and imperative you have professional representation from am lawyer that is well versed in advocacy issues in crown court issues. What is better than being represented by a lawyer that is fully aware of when and how a case is won and lost at the crown court.

ALWAYSchose to be legally represented. It is your RIGHT and its FREE

The amount of people that have suffered tremendously as a result of being unrepresented is shocking.
The police will NOT think you may be guilty just because you have a solicitor. They will be happy to arrange for a solicitor to attend.


Your stay at the police station will NOT be delayed by asking for legal representation. The police will call us well in advance of when we are required to attend and we WILL ATTEND as soon as practicable.

Contact us to speak to one of our specialist criminal defence solicitors.