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Conspiracy Offences

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The central element of a criminal conspiracy is the agreement by two or more individuals to carry out a criminal act, meaning an offence is committed even if no further action is taken following the agreement. If you have been accused of conspiring to commit a criminal offence, it is essential that you seek proper legal representation immediately.

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About Conspiracy Offences

Conspiracy offences can take many forms, including conspiring to:
• Commit fraud
• Import drugs
• Supply drugs
• Launder money
• Commit cyber crime
• Commit terrorism
• Commit a violent act

It can be difficult for the prosecution to prove its case, especially in complex conspiracies allegedly committed by many individuals over a lengthy period, where the nature and substance of alleged agreements may be unclear.

We will represent you with our highly experienced, driven yet friendly legal team will ensure that potential defences are fully explored.
To prove a conspiracy, the prosecution must be able to show two things:

• An agreement has been made between two or more parties
• The agreement is to commit a criminal offence

The agreement to commit an offence must include details of how the criminal act will be carried out.

If obviously a defendant is not aware of the plans, it will be difficult to be found guilty of conspiracy.

There may be present many reasonable plausible and innocent explanations from the client which can offer an explanation to the evidence which could avoid a guilty or adverse inference.

We will fully explore every and all possibilities and have the benefit of expertise and access to experts in all fields of enquiries, forensics , telecommunications, DNA, listening devices, cultures, technology and devices used in the commission of offences, CCTV, social media platforms, cell site, call data records etc..

We have access to over 800 experts we are able to rely upon.
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